We had our Inaugural Release
on June 2,

We have now been doing releases in the Quad Cities
Iowa & Illinois for over
seven years.

(within a 20 mile area from our loft.)
What Could You Use a Dove  Release
White Dove Releases are perfect for Weddings,
Funerals, Memorials, Baptisms, Birthdays,
Anniversaries, New Beginnings, Easter Sunday,
Graduations, Grand Openings, and more!
Or Any Time You Celebrate a Life
Three Values:
A Little About What We Do
We customize a white dove release for you and with you, in order
to make your special occasion even more memorable.
Heavenly Heights Dove Release
To serve with joy and professionalism.
Our white doves are bred for their homing instinct.
Our white doves are trained on a regular basis.
White Dove Releases for Life's Many Celebrations!
Welcome to Heavenly Heights
Dove Release
...thanks for checking us out.
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White Dove Releases.
Updated September 2014
Photo by Ken Cravillion Photography
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